Leaves are Falling, are your Gutters ready?

Clogged gutters

The beautiful fall leaves are falling, and gutters, if not maintained and cared for can silently be creating significant damage to a home or business. Clogged gutters can lead to expensive repairs from foundation damage to roof leaks. Gutters that are clogged, cause water to not drain properly after a heavy rainfall, and potentially infiltrate your home with water damage not visible to the human eye.

Potential Damages from Clogged Gutters

Roof Leaks

A sign that your gutters are clogged and not draining properly is the formation of roof leaks. The water has nowhere to go, except to sit on your roof. This creates points of weakening in the roof, and eventually water begins to leak through the roof into the interior of your home.

Mold and Water Damage

The longer water sits undetected, without being properly removed, both on your roof and inside your house, the bigger the chance mold begins to set in as well.  Every spring, we see large number of attic mold jobs due to water that was sitting on the roof, without being improperly drained, due to clogged gutters.

Foundation Compromise

The goal of properly installed gutter systems is for water to freely flow through the gutters into the downspouts and away from the house. Water that has not pooled on the roof, but can’t freely flow down the gutters, runs straight to the foundation edge. This creates damages to the foundation, which should be treated as the most important fixture of your house. A compromised foundation can be a danger and hazard to an entire house.

Water pouring over gutters can create foundation compromise

Compromised foundations can lead to water leaking through cracks and filling the interior of your basement, every time it rains until the cracks have been fixed. If not mitigated properly, this water can lead to potential mold growing within the basement.

Landscape Damage

Gutters not properly draining can also cause landscape, that is installed with the purpose of pulling water away from a house and its foundation, to erode. This creates large areas for water to pull right next to the house and or foundation. Not to mention, damage to your landscape pulls away from your curb appeal and first impressions you might be trying to achieve.

Siding Damage

Water that is pooling in your gutters and not draining away can cause the wood that is holding the gutter system in place to begin to deteriorate and rot away. If these boards have rotted away and the gutters are still pooling with water, this water can travel the length of the exterior of the house and begin to infiltrate the house throughout many different areas.

Ice Dams

In extremely cold climates, gutters that have not been properly cleared can aid in the formation of ice dams during the winter months. Ice dams pose extreme danger to the interior and exterior of homes, due to the water that will seep in.

Clean Your Gutters

Now that knowledge of how gutters, not properly draining, can lead to larger more frustrating water damages within your home, the bi-yearly maintenance task of cleaning gutters, might not feel quite so mundane. It is important, that you take safety precautions if you are going to attempt cleaning gutters yourself.

  • Use a sturdy ladder that will support your weight and does not teeter.
  • Wear shoes that have a bit of grip on the bottom
  • Wear clothing that will not snag while moving around
  • Never use sharp tools to clear gutters
  • Wear googles so as not to damage your eyes from flying debris
  • Use a slowly running water hose to determine when gutters and downspouts are completely cleared

If you are not interested, or don’t have the ability to clean your gutters yourself, consider hiring a professional, one to two times a year to help aid in cleaning out your gutters and downspouts.

Water Damage in Home

If you find yourself unfortunately with water damage or mold damage inside your home, call a water mitigation or mold remediation company, such as ServiceMaster Elite, to help you with all your water restoration and mold remediation needs.

About ServiceMaster Elite

ServiceMaster Elite is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year company who rapidly responds to any water damage or mold remediation calls. Our Mold and Water Mitigation Technicians are IICRC certified in inspecting and detecting all areas containing moisture with the use of moisture meters and infrared cameras.

If you have experienced water damage or mold damage, call ServiceMaster Elite, your industry leading expert in water restoration, immediately at 877-561-9651.


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