It’s Hurricane Season, Be Prepared and Informed

Hurrican's are swirling storms

Hurricane’s are swirling storms that can produce upwards of at least 74 miles per hour (119 km/hr) winds tearing across land and sea. Hurricane’s form over the warm seas and begin moving towards land. Once a hurricane forms, weather forecasters are able to work to predict the storms potential paths, as well as the strength and severity of the storm. Upon hitting land, the hurricane pushes a wall of ocean water onshore, otherwise known as storm surge.

How does a hurricane form?

It’s not necessarily known what makes a hurricane form, but there are a couple of prevalent ingredients to a hurricane. Warm ocean waters must be present as it helps to provide the energy of the storm that further produces hurricanes. Generally speaking, the surface temperatures of the ocean water are 79 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) or higher. Constant winds are the second ingredient for forming a hurricane. Winds must not change in speed or direction as they move further into the sky. Winds that continually change in speed and or direction will cause the hurricane to rip apart, rather than form. 

Storm Surge is a wall of ocean water the hurricane is pushing onshore

Hurricane’s start out as tropical disturbances over the ocean. These disturbances are in areas of warm water where rain clouds are forming. As winds in these rotating rain clouds begin to increase the storm moves from a tropical disturbance to a tropical storm. Winds reaching roughly 38 mph (63 km/hr) are what cause tropical storms to form, once these winds have increased to 74 mph (119 km/hr) the storm has progressed to a hurricane. Check out the National Hurricane Center (NHC), If you are interested in watching the tracking of storms as they progress from tropical disturbances to hurricanes.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Being prepared for a hurricane is just as highly important as being informed regarding the status of the hurricane. There are some preparations that can take place prior to a hurricane even forming or making landfall.

  1. Store Non-Perishable Foods & Water: Non-perishable food items can be purchased now and store safely for up to a year. Water that is sealed can last up to a couple of years before needing to be replaced. Anyone in the line of hurricanes should stock up enough non-perishable foods and water to last at least 7 days.
  2. Stock Batteries: Power can be lost for up to a month, if not more, after a hurricane has struck land. It would be beneficial to have battery powered lights and plenty of extra batteries on hand during this time. Most stores are not able to re-supply for at least a week, which means stocking and safely storing in advance is important. It’s encouraged to have enough batteries to change multiple lights once nightly while without power.
  3. Weather Radio: A must for any household that could potentially be hit by hurricanes, are emergency radios. The best option to purchase are the weather radio, with 2 way walkie talkie. This fairly cheap option not only provides the weather throughout the storm, but also provides the ability to communicate in case of an emergency while cell service is lost.

Preparations the Days Leading Up

The days leading up to a hurricane tracking towards land should be spent securing and preparing areas around the house.

  1. Secure Loose Items; Anything not secured will most definitely fly away. The days leading up to a hurricane, one should find themselves outside their house or business moving all loose items inside, or securing them, if possible.
  2. Vehicles: At this point, it’s probably a few days before the hurricane is making landfall. The majority of preparations have been completed, but now it’s time to check out your vehicles. It’s important to make sure all vehicles have been filled fully with fuel before the hurricane makes land fall. Immediately following a hurricane, gas is not readily available. At times, it has taken up to a week or more before gas has been made available to communities again.
  3. Bathtubs: It’s the day before the hurricane is scheduled to hit land. One final preparation that should take place is filling all bathtubs, sinks and containers with water. This water will be your potable, or clean, water. You will want to reserve the pre-purchased bottled water for drinking and will not want to waste it for cleaning. Filling these items will provide water that can be used for cleaning after a hurricane.

Have a Plan in Place

Hurricane Damage can be catastrophic

The damage a hurricane causes can be catastrophic. It’s important to be informed and prepared  if you are in the line of a tracking hurricane. At ServiceMaster Elite, we do our best to help out in the aftermath of a hurricane making landfall. Many of our techs across all of our offices are trained and prepared to work hard and fast to help restore commercial communities back to order, through our water mitigation process.

ServiceMaster Elite is a progressive disaster restoration company specializing in water damage restoration and fire damage restoration. They are slated to be one of the largest individually-owned disaster restoration companies in the United States. ServiceMaster Elite is partnered with leading insurance companies, commercial and residential property management firms and homeowners to restore peace of mind after water or fire damage. ServiceMaster Elite operates in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and Florida with quality work, outstanding customer service, quick response to disasters and constant 24/7 service to all homeowners. If you are interested in partnering with us prior to a hurricane hitting landfall, which would put us onsite immediately at your place of business, call us at 877-561-9651, and we can discuss arrangements.


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