Safety Tips

Safety tips to avoid or respond to residential and commercial building disasters from fire, mold, water and smoke. Call ServiceMaster Elite for emergency disaster response services at 877-561-9651.

Dangers of Lead in Adults

We know lead is not safe in children, but don’t think adults get a pass either. Lead in any living organism is bad. High levels of lead in both children and adults can potentially lead to many health issues, such as blood pressure, cancer and organ failure. It’s highly important to ensure all paint in […]

Hidden Dangers of Lead in the Kitchen

The #1 path of lead poisoning is from the kitchen, you heard that right . . . the KITCHEN! A lot of older homes have painted cabinets, as it was very common to paint cabinets with semi or gloss finished paint prior to 1979. These paints contain the highest amount of lead for durability. To […]

Dangers of Lead in Young Children

Children under 6 years of age are highly affected by lead. If you live in a home built pre-1979; and there is paint peeling or large amounts of white dust near the walls, it’s recommended to have the walls tested immediately. To learn more about lead, check out our blog, Lead . . . and […]

Lead can Block Important Body Signals

Prior to 1970s, lead was used in paints, as it helped to make the paint more durable; withstanding the elements and rot. Unfortunately, lead can be very toxic if ingested or absorbed into the body. Our bodies have millions of cells that work on signals, and if large quantities of lead get into the blood […]

Hurricane Season: Days Leading Up to a Storm, Part 3

The day before the hurricane is scheduled to make landfall, go around your house to fill up all bathtubs, sinks and all containers you could possibly find with water. This would be your potable, or clean, water. You should reserve the pre-purchased bottled water as drinking water, and you will not want to use it […]

Hurricane Season: Days Leading Up to a Storm, Part 2

The hurricane should be making land in the next couple of days. A good majority of your preparations have been taken care of. Have you fueled up the vehicles lately? It’s important to make sure all your vehicles are full of fuel before the hurricane makes landfall. Gas is not readily available immediately after a […]

Hurricane Season: Days Leading Up to a Storm, Part 1

The winds of a hurricane can reach upwards of 170 mph, which means, anything not secured will most definitely fly away. The days leading up to a hurricane, one should find themselves outside their house or business moving all loose items inside, or securing them, if possible. Check out our Blog Post, It’s Hurricane Season, […]

Hurricane Season: Emergency Radios

A must for any household that could potentially be hit by hurricanes, are emergency radios. The best option to purchase are the weather radio with 2 way walkie talkie. This fairly cheap option not only provides the weather throughout the storm, but also provides the ability to communicate in case of an emergency. Generally, cell […]

Hurricane Season: Batteries

During hurricanes, power can be lost for up to a month, sometimes more. Get prepared now by purchasing battery powered lights, as well as extra batteries, and safely store them. Most stores are not able to re-supply what they have for at least a week and running out of batteries could mean moving around in […]

Hurricane Season: Non-Perishable Food & Bottled Water

It’s Hurricane Season, and now’s the time to make sure you are prepared for storms that might hit land. Let’s face it, when we get knowledge of an approaching hurricane, the panic and anxiety begin to hit. Don’t wait till the last minute, be prepared in advance. It’s highly recommended in preparation for hurricane’s that […]


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