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Commercial Roof Leak: Wakefield, MA

During a recent severe thunderstorm that produced several inches of rain within a few short hours, a commercial rubber roof was severely damaged causing a roof leak and water damage flooding in a commercial building in Wakefield, MA. As the roof tore off, significant water leaked through six businesses across multiple floors, requiring Emergency Water […]

Dishwasher Leak; Merrimack, NH

A fresh water supply line burst creating a dishwasher leak in a kitchen, caused water damage to nearby rooms and the basement below at a residential space in Merrimack, NH. With an open floor plan ServiceMaster Elite needed to limit dust and humidity exposure to the remainder of the unaffected rooms through use of containment. […]

Leaves are Falling, are your Gutters ready?

The beautiful fall leaves are falling, and gutters, if not maintained and cared for can silently be creating significant damage to a home or business. Clogged gutters can lead to expensive repairs from foundation damage to roof leaks. Gutters that are clogged, cause water to not drain properly after a heavy rainfall, and potentially infiltrate […]

Water Back Up; Tewksbury, MA

When there’s a water back up into your basement from heavy rains, unknown contaminates come in contact with your floor or wall materials. To prevent these contaminates from becoming air borne and a hazard to your health our water mitigation certified technicians place air scrubbers with HEPA-rated filters to clean the air, as we did […]

Commercial Electrical Fire; Portland, ME

During the recent extremely hot period this summer, an electrical component overheated and caused an electrical fire in a roof top HVAC unit of a popular Portland Maine restaurant. The fire department used water to extinguish the fire, causing significant water damage to both floors of the building. ServiceMaster Elite responded within hours to extract […]

Lead . . . and it’s Hazards

Lead is a toxic metal that can be found in the earth’s crust. Lead is found in the environment around us: air, soil, water, as well as, inside our own homes. Lead was a common component of interior and exterior house paint, and until 1978 was not federally regulated. It was found that lead being […]

Broken Faucet in Apartment; Saco, ME

A broken faucet in a kitchen at an apartment building in Saco, ME; caused water damage to several rooms. Puddled water saturated the carpet and caused water damage to the sheetrock. Water flooded into a basement and caused standing water throughout. ServiceMaster Elite responded within 2 hours; extracted all standing water, removed water damaged materials, […]

It’s Hurricane Season, Be Prepared and Informed

Hurricane’s are swirling storms that can produce upwards of at least 74 miles per hour (119 km/hr) winds tearing across land and sea. Hurricane’s form over the warm seas and begin moving towards land. Once a hurricane forms, weather forecasters are able to work to predict the storms potential paths, as well as the strength […]

Sink Overflow; York, ME

A sink overflow in a basement in York, Maine, caused water damage to carpet and sheetrock walls. Standing water had affected a portion of a large entertainment center. Due to a weekend graduation party, the homeowner wanted the least intrusive method of water removal and dry-out. ServiceMaster Elite technicians worked with the insurance company and […]

Toilet Leak, Apartment Complex; Burlington, VT

A toilet leak due to a burst supply line in a second floor apartment in Burlington, VT, caused water to flow into multiple units and hallways. This caused puddling water, soaked sheet rock and damp carpet. ServiceMaster Elite technicians immediately began the water damage restoration process. They extracted water, removed the wet sheet rock and […]


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