Burst Water Softener – Hampton NH

  A water softener in a mobile home burst causing water damage throughout and below in the crawl space. ServiceMaster Elite technicians responded quickly to provide emergency services such as extraction, contents protection, dehumidification installation, and stabilization services. Once we spoke with the insurance we proceeded with the removal and demolition of certain materials that […]

Mold … It’s Taking Over my Life

Did you know, that technically, when you are using bleach to remove mold, it’s doesn’t actually kill the mold, it’s just removing the staining? Here’s the thing with mold, once you can see it, it’s burrowed so deep into the material that simply trying to attack what you see on the surface will not remedy […]

ServiceMaster Elite Recognized as Top Performer for Northeast Region with Nexxus Solutions Group

MERRIMACK, N.H. May 2019 – ServiceMaster Elite – Nexxus Solutions Group recognized ServiceMaster Elite as the Top Performer for the Northeast Region on May 22, 2019. The Eagle award is a prestigious, sought after award  that was accepted by Program Manager, Renee Gruber of ServiceMaster Elite. Each year, Nexxus Solutions Group, holds a conference in […]

Spring Basement Flooding Issues

The first evidence of the glorious spring weather has come. Bears and humans alike are coming out of hibernation, snows are starting to melt, the sun is popping out and the days are getting just a bit warmer. With the spring weather comes the rains, snow melting, grounds softening and sometimes the unavoidable basement flooding. […]

Ice Dams

What are Ice Dams? Ice Dams are ice that has built up along the edge of the roof and hinders melting snow or water to drain off the roof. Ice dams causes the pooling of water on the roof, which subsequently begins to leak into the house, potentially affecting ceilings, walls, flooring and content. What […]

How To Thaw A Frozen Pipe

Yikes, you suspect some of your pipes might be frozen. You want to unfreeze them yourself but are not entirely certain how to go about doing that. While it’s important to thaw out frozen pipes quickly, it’s more important to thaw these pipes correctly. Read below for quick tips on thawing a frozen pipe: Locate […]

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

The winters months can be bitterly cold. The bitter cold can lead to additional problems within a home, problems such as a frozen pipe. However, like most things there are ways that frozen pipes can be prevented. Insulation Insulate rooms that have exposed pipes or are more susceptible to the bitter elements outside. Insulating these […]

What To Do When Pipes Freeze

Imagine pulling into your driveway, open your garage door and water comes pouring out. Upon searching your home, you find your pipes had frozen and subsequently burst. The disaster that nobody wants to experience has struck. You’re immediately thrown into a panic-stricken state and cannot even begin to comprehend where you start or what you […]


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